Negative Stock

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We manufacture plastic products for the building industry and other sectors. We have a problem with Dear in that it does not offer negative stock, your adviser tells us he has had many requests to alter this. Let me explain our issue. We buy material in and produce items which can be called off. We noted your systems current restrictions so have opted to auto assemble if stock is not there when inputting smaller orders or where asmall quantities of goods will need picking. If we were to do this for larger order the material will be auto allocated and then we would be told we have no material. To get round larger orders which we need to acknowledge and keep tract off, we have decided to just put the orders on as draft so that we can adjust when the material is in. We quite often have orders placed some 1-2 months prior to requirements and it maybe only a week before the required date that the material will come in. If we operate on how your system is currently it would allocate the material and not allow us to produce other products when we clearly are for stock. We note when just putting the products on as draft that the allocation can go into negative, We would like you to allow the product to go into negative so that we can adjust when appropriate by BOM. Your system currently for us, as it is, means we have to keep putting material in and thus gives a false calculation to value of stock for the accounts. Bearing in mind allocations is allowed to go into negative then surely allowing products to go into negative should be possible. Please consider this and advise.

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