Setting allocated Pick Locations for all orders/ transfers to draw stock from

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We currently have stock items located in multiple bins within our main warehouse on Dear. These are set up as a default pick location and bulk locations to hold stock which we replenish to our pick face for picking as required. We have used the default location on the main product page hoping this is where all stock would be allocated, but this is not the case.

We have integrated Shopify with Dear and when Shopify allocates an order it is drawing stock from other locations other than the default location throwing our stock levels in the multiple bins out.

Is it possible to add a default pick location which all orders/ transfers are allocated to?

If this is to occur, would it then be possible to add a replenishment report where we can set minimum and maximum quantities for the specified pick location. Once the stock level drops to or below the minimum quantity it will be included in a daily report notifying us to replenish the location.

This would use the minimum and maximum quantities. For example if the minimum quantity was 10 units and the maximum quantity was 15 units. If the stock holdings at that pick face were 9 units, it would ask to send 6 units from a bulk location to the pick face.

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  • Well put, very needed.
  • Thank you. Yes it would save us so much time in having to fix up stock quantities throughout our main warehouse location. 

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2 people like this idea
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