Easier stock location (bin) movements within a warehouse

started a topic 6 months ago

Would be good if you could have a simple system allowing a list with columns labelled - SKU, current location, new location, tick box for this to be new default location, and finally quantity moved.


This would allow much faster bulk stock movements, rather than the fairly long and tedious current system of using stock transfer - Pick list and then put-away to a new location - everything has to be typed in twice!  (Adding a facility to copy pick list into put away would be better than nothing.)

We tend to switch stock locations (bins) around from time to time to allow more efficient use of warehouse space and picking.

Please consider this suggestion, as we can't be the only ones moving stock for better warehouse efficiency.

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  • @Jonathan Pons

    FYI, You can tick 'Skip Order' and untick 'Put away' to reduce a few double-up steps. 

    However, I still agree that we need a simpler system for internal-warehouse transfers.

  • @Daniel Millott

    Thanks Daniel,

    Yes you are right, but that way you have to do one transfer for every product SKU moved - very tedious if you move ~15+ product sku's!

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2 people like this idea
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