Setting up B2B Product Deals - Consistent wording required

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The B2B system currently generates and displays conflicting product deal description that are misleading and confusing for the customers. The following is an example of a deal I set up and the results to illustrate this.

The simple deal is:

Buy 5 and Get 1 free.

I've set up the Discount and the Deal as follows in DEAR inventory:




When I then use the B2B system it doesn't really operate as expected.

The product discount description in B2B looks to have been created correctly.


However, when I add 5 bottles and add it to my cart, I get the following displayed in the shopping cart.


The deal description is different to that shown on the product page - it says I have to buy 6 to get one free - that contradicts the earlier description. The description above also is a bit ambiguous - seems to suggest that if you buy 6 you get 100% discount - inferring that you'll get all 6 bottles at a 100% discount - Free!

When you add an extra bottle (i.e order 6 on the shopping cart page) you then get the order split as I would have expected to be presented when I order 5 bottles. As you can see, the description has changed again to "Buy 5 and get 1 Free".


Can we get B2B updated to ensure that all discount deal wording is consistent on the product discount tab and in the shopping cart please? There isn't a way for us to use the current parameters in DEAR to control this as all the descriptions are generated by DEAR.

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