Tracking URL that work for different carriers

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At the moment DEAR can only put [TrackingNumber] at the end of the URL and not in the middle of the Carrier URL or where required.

This works for carrier track n trace who have the tracking number at the end e.g:[TrackingNumber]

It doesn't work for the majority of our high volume carriers in NZ who use the following structure:

We would appreciate DEAR developing this, as at the moment we are unable to deliver the customer experience we want to give customers with a fully workable link right to parcel.

The Shipping template is also very clunky and sent at "pack" stage which doesn't make sense and cannot be auto sent unless you have the automation module. On the whole, DEAR functionality needs to develop to the stage other cloud based inventory softwares are at. 

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  • Hi Dear. This is still an ongoing issue for us and impacts other customers using NZ carriers. Are you please able to look into this for us all?

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