Drop Ship PO send before authorize ability

started a topic 7 months ago

On a regular purchase order for inventory, there is the option to email the PO and then authorize later. This option does not currently exist on drop ship PO's and I really need that.

My suppliers sometimes have very long lead times, and authorizing the drop ship PO creates the COGS transaction. My orders may take several months to fulfill, so my COGS will not align with my sales.

In addition, I need a 'holding' step because there may be issues back and forth with getting the PO correct (I deal in custom goods) and I need to be able to filter on orders that are not yet authorized but have been sent to the supplier.

Both of these issues would be fixed for me if the drop ship PO had the ability to save and email before authorizing the PO, the same as the regular PO for inventory.

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