Specify Carrier and Service in Sales Order (without shipping integration)

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I have several Carriers/Services set up in Reference Books and in Shipping Zones. I'm not really sure why the sales order header box called Carrier/Service doesn't allow me to select one of those Carriers/Services set up in Reference Books. I understand a dropdown/search function is only available if we have one of the off-the-shelf shipping integrations (ShipIt, Shippy etc.).

Our use-case is when the order is forwarded to a 3PL warehouse, the warehouse will know the desired carrier and service to book for the shipment. We can fill in freeform text in the field, but our integration with the warehouse will automate the carrier selection, so that's just going to lead to mistakes.

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  • Hi Simon,

    As you have mentioned, yes, that box is exclusive for a shipping service integration or if you have mapped it to the customer profile.

    However, we do allow you to manually change the carrier on the shipping tab.

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  • I'm aware of that Yohan. I can't specify a Carrier there without picking and packing the item. The 3PL warehouse integration will manage administration of those tasks, since picking and packing occurs in a warehouse. Once they've picked and packed the goods, they need to know what Service we would like them to use for shipping.

  • I also would like to be able to use a dropdown in this field. We want to use it to instruct our despatch staff which shipping method to use. It seems odd that the search button is disabled.

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5 people like this idea
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