Order Routing to Wrong Location for Shopify Integration

started a topic almost 2 years ago

According to the guidance (, When a customer places an order, DEAR can automatically route the order to the seller's inventory location nearest to the provided shipping address for fulfilment.

However, after 4+ months of investigation by Dear support, we are told that the Dear system only searches for availability on the originally mapped location and if it does not find it, reverts to the default location even if the default location does not have stock.

For example, we have two locations A and B, and the product is out of stock at A and in stock at B.

If we got an order in which location is mapped to A, Dear will still route to A if A is the default location.

We are told it is the functionality but a bug. It is really hard to understand this function, can you please add a new feature to fix this "functionality"?

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