Allow Auto-Assembly using FEFO-Batch products

started a topic about 2 years ago

It would be great if we could do auto-assemblies with FEFO-Batch products.  

Currently, as of this writing (7-Dec-2021), it is not possible to do auto-assemblies with FEFO-Batch products as noted in the Automatic Assembly DEAR Support topic.  I understand it is because of the Expiry Date that FEFO-Batch products are not included in the auto-assembly functionality, but it seems to me that selection of items using a FEFO method for the automatic-assembly would be just fine.

The big downside of the current implementation of the auto-assembly not including FEFO-Batch products is that business cannot take advantage of the FEFO-Batch inventory method if they have auto-assembly bundles.  This applies to the many food businesses with which I work, as well as other businesses whose products and/or components have expiration dates.

Thank you for consider this important enhancement to DEAR.

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