Consolidate Assemblies

started a topic about 2 years ago

I noticed that within Production Orders there is a facility to Consolidate Orders and just wondered if that could be developed for use with Assemblies to create a "Batch" Our production process is very simple - create a number of jobs (Assemblies) to be made (knitted by hand) at various remote work locations. We allocate a number of assemblies (a batch) to each location and then issue the qty of Raw Materials (wool of different colours and types) to cover the total batch requirements. The knitted products become WIP and returned to HQ for finishing and then sale - no machinery used at all, so no constraints re: time, shifts, set up etc., etc. At present we have to export each Assembly into excel and the calculate the total batch qty of each Raw SKU. Very times consuming and requires good intermediate excel, which our low level admin will never acquire.
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