Automatic trigger of assembly of items on Pick

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Hi there,

I would like to feature a new request - automatic trigger of assembly of items on Pick

The reasoning behind it is the following: my company *only* sells assembled items, we never sell the 'raw' materials themselves.

There are scenarios where we might run out of raw materials, but we will still take (back) orders for the assembled items.

3-4 weeks later, we will receive the raw materials, and assign them to the right warehouse. At this point, no assemble is triggered.

The issue we are currently facing is that we now need to go back to each order and "Undo" the sales order, change the location to be the right location so it triggers the assembly of the items.

This is a bit repetitive and takes a while to do when we have 100 back orders, and invoices have been generated too.

It would be great to have a setting to automatically trigger assembly on 'pick'!

Happy to provide more info if needed.


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  • We have the same issue. Bring it on...
  •  Agreed - this would be helpful for any operation that uses assembled products.

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4 people like this idea
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