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When Production Traceability is turned on, Dear should automatically add all component batches to the Batch/Serial Traceability.

Currently, only 1 batch per sequence is added, and the rest need to be manually selected from a dropdown list.

Dear won't let the user complete the production run until ALL batches have been selected.

In a stand Assembly process ALL of the batches used are automatically tracked and will show on the Lot Recall report - it seems odd that the same logic has not been applied to the Production process.

Another option would be to add a button similar to the 'copy from Pick' or 'fill from order' that selects all the batches and adds them.

There is a 'Scan' option for adding these but it's not relevant to batches as the batches would be consumed during the production process.

It seems that the Batch/Serial Traceability 'logic' has been setup more for Serial number tracking as opposed to Batch tracking.

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  • I have been working with Production Traceability for over a month now and it is not working as it should.  We can have over 20 batch components in a production order.  To complete an order we have to manually re-enter the same components (Batches) as per the production run.  It should just copy them across and ask you to confirm the list.  At the moment the manufacturing order process takes twice as long as it should due to this extra unnecessary step.  

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2 people like this idea
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