Batch Traceability - Production

started a topic 17 days ago

When Production Traceability is turned on, Dear should automatically add all component batches to the Batch/Serial Traceability.

Currently, only 1 batch per sequence is added, and the rest need to be manually selected from a dropdown list.

Dear won't let the user complete the production run until ALL batches have been selected.

In a stand Assembly process ALL of the batches used are automatically tracked and will show on the Lot Recall report - it seems odd that the same logic has not been applied to the Production process.

Another option would be to add a button similar to the 'copy from Pick' or 'fill from order' that selects all the batches and adds them.

There is a 'Scan' option for adding these but it's not relevant to batches as the batches would be consumed during the production process.

It seems that the Batch/Serial Traceability 'logic' has been setup more for Serial number tracking as opposed to Batch tracking.

FR Batches.png
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