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ISSUE:  There is no simple way to determine what Products are Backordered for a specific Sales Order when the Product has multiple tiers (i.e. sub-assemblies and parts).

EXAMPLE:  The Products we sell are typically comprised of multiple tiers of sub-assemblies and parts, which are usually set to Auto-Assembly.  When a Sales Order is authorized and Stock is allocated, only the line item is shown as having insufficient quantity.  There is no easy way to determine where the shortage lies below the top level item.  My current workaround is to do a 'fake' Production Assembly of the Backordered item.  There I can see what parts / sub-assemblies I have in stock and what I am short.

SOLUTION:  It would be great to have a report very similar to the Expanded BOM Pick List.  It would show the breakdown of each line item, the quantity required for the sales order, the quantity on hand (QOH), and the quantity available (AVAIL).  I've attached a snapshot of the Expanded BOM Pick List just to show how a single line item on the Sales Order breaks down.   

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  • This would save us a lot of time

  • We're having the same issue. It would be helpful to have a solution to this.

  • This would save a lot of time for me.

  • Any update from DEAR on this one?  This is an absolutely critical function of an Inventory System.

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5 people like this idea
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