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I have a client of 20 users that wish to use DEAR but due to a system bug, we are about to decide on using UNLEASHED if DEAR cannot deliver on the initial promise to fix this bug. The discussion for fixing the bug has been ongoing for 3 months now. Today is 17.11.2021 and I am told to raise a Feature Request to get this bug fixed because only if other customers also vote for this fix then only can they attend to it.......

Oh yes, and two months ago they conceded to the bug fix request and agreed to fix it. Now I must raise a New Feature request and get democratic votes from friends, colleagues, and other customers.

I hope this experience speaks merit to the frustration I have experienced the past 3 months.

The system's settings allows for PRODUCT DISCOUNTS and PRODUCT MARKUPS. Discounts and Markups are applied in various ways which include Customer level discounts, Quantity level discounts, Coupon level discounts etc.

I am specifically referring to the SALES ORDER LINE discount.

On each sales order line (let's say the invoice has 10x lines of various cooldrink bottels). On the one item I wish to give a discount of 5% - which I implement by typing 5% into the DISCOUNT COLUMN.

On the one item I wish to add a 5% markup because the specific item is high in demand and has a premium to it. So I achieve this by typing -5% (negative five) into the DISCOUNT COLUMN.

When you try approve the invoice, the system shows an error because the discount column cannot handle negative figures i.e. the -5% is not allowed.

So this error message that warns of the negative 5% not being allowed (which is actually a markup of 5% and not discount) is incontradiction to the GENERAL SETTINGS and REFERENCE BOOKS wherein the settings actually allow for a MARKUP% to be used.

In other words, in GENERAL SETTINGS, you enable MARKUP % on the sales order line. Then in REFERENCE BOOKS, you create discounts for 5%. 10%, 20% etc. 

But when you try to use that MARKUP% on the sales order line, you are greeted (actually irritated) by this warning message saying that the system does not allow negative values.

The reason a negative value is used in the DISCOUNT COLUMN is because that is the ONLY MANNER how to apply markups. Putting a 10% figure will give discount of 10%, hence putting a -10% figure will give MARKUP of 10%.

Either a new column is added and called MARKUP - which is next to the DISCOUNT column......or this negative figure bug is fixed.

Please could all ladies and gentlemen up vote this request so that the IT team can finally keep to their promise they made me two months ago.

For those needing to watch a video, here is the link wherein I explain the error message:

Kind regards

Schalk Coetzee

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