No option in POS to enter a Sales Reference/PO Number

started a topic over 2 years ago

This one seems like a bit of an oversight so far.

Currently, the "receipt number" generated in POS is treated as the "reference number" on the Invoice template in Dear. I believe this function COULD be improvised by doing the following, however this shouldn't be something we resort to (plus this will break other functions of Dear in the process).

  • Change the "Customer Reference" number description on the Invoice Template to "Receipt #" (This would only work if we exclusively used POS for sales as the customer reference would no longer be listed as a customer reference in invoices)
  • Treat the "Notes" section in POS as a P/O number field and nothing else
  • Make a field on the invoice template named "Customer P/O #"
  • Map the POS "Notes" to the "Customer P/O #" Field on the invoice template


Alternatively, the solution I propose is to implement a P/O number field in POS and instead of mapping the receipt number as a reference number on invoices, list it as receipt number and leave a separate section for P/O Numbers/Reference Numbers.

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