Add a service item to a quote without having to undo an order

started a topic over 2 years ago

We need to be able to add a service line for the freight charge to a proforma invoice, to send to our customer for advance payment. In order to achieve this we are using the quote function within a sales order. However we have to progress the sales order to pick stage first so our warheouse can provide us with the weight and dimensions of the shipment, in order for us to add the freight charge.

However if we undo then this will cause issues with the FEFO control within the system, and potentially the incorrected batches will be recorded.

We believed we solved this issue by adding the service item to the final invoice, and not confirming to generate the paperwork this way - however unless we authorise the invoice (which is not possible as goods not shipped and paid for) the payment link will not be available for the customer.

As a service item does not impact the picking or packing of an order, please can this be considered as a future feature, to assist us wiht this issue.

Many thanks

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