Make "Invoice Date" editable

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Dear does not currently allow changing the "Invoice Date" field in a sale.  By default, Dear assigns the date a sale is created as the Invoice Date.  However, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (world-wide) dictate that a company cannot recognize revenue until goods have been delivered, so the invoice date should be changeable to reflect when goods have been delivered, NOT when the order is placed.  

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  • CLARIFICATION:   Dear does allow manually changing the "Invoice Date" from Dear's user interface, however does not allow for the changing of an Invoice Date via the API.

    Available API calls for SaleInvoice are "GET", "POST" and "DELETE" 

    And "POST" is only available for Invoices with an Invoice Status = "Draft" or "Authorised".

    What is needed is a PUT command via API allowing for the changing of the InvoiceDate field, regardless of Invoice Status.  

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