Combined Production Pick List for a Production Order

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Hello DEAR Support,

It would be great to have a Combined Production Pick List for a Production Order. This is particularly important when a Setup step is used to account for a fixed amount of waste per production. All of the items in the Setup BOM are the same as the Manufacturing BOM, but in fixed quantities. When the one goes to do the production, it would be very helpful to have a Combined Pick List which would have the *combined totals* of all of the items in *all steps* of the production order, specifically in my example, a combined pick list for the Setup and Manufacturing steps.

For example, if I am making lemonade, I have a Setup step and a Manufacturing step. For manufacturing step, I need 30 lemons per liter to be manufactured. I also will lose a fixed amount equivalent to 20 lemons in the lemon press machine piping. If I am going to produce 10 liters, then I need 300 lemons for the production plus 20 lemons that will be lost in the machine. I would like the Combined Production Pick List to specify that I need 320 lemons. Currently, the Pick List will show lemons in both steps on the same document, but they are separated in 20 and 300. It would be very helpful for picking to have it specified as one amount. 

In DEAR's current form, I have one client who will not use the Production Pick List generated by DEAR because they are concerned their production team will mess it up, especially since their current process (outside DEAR) specifies just one quantity which is a combination of the setup and manufacturing quantities.

See example screenshot below to hopefully help explain this.




  • Hello, 

    Combined Pick list functionality is added to the Production Run: 

    Best regards,

    Elena Piskova | Cin 7 Core Product Team

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