Feature Request: Add "LastModifiedOn" and "UpdatedSince" to API for FinishedGoods / Assemblies

started a topic almost 2 years ago

Two Related Requests:

1. Add a "LastModifiedOn" field to the FinishedGoods and FinishedGoodsList objects.

2. Add a "UpdatedSince" parameter to the FinishedGoodsList GET request (to identify all Assemblies modified since a given date/time).

Note: This would align FinishedGoods / Assemblies with the behavior of Sales and Purchases.

Business Case:

This would allow changes to Assemblies to be detected via the API. The only current way to detect these changes via the API is to completely replicate the entire list of all Assemblies using (potentially) thousands of API calls.

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  • Oh man, this would be great! Definitely would make the API more consistent and complete. 

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13 people like this idea
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