Auto-Fill invoice date to Shipment Date

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Request adding a drop down option in the Sale Process Customization-> date Invoice.

Add the option to have Invoice date default to Shipment date.

This way your Invoice and COGS will always align on your reports. Specially your day to day NET Profit breakdown on the dashboard.



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  • This is also something we would like to be considered! Very important for us! 

  • Hi, Rulesh and Flo!

    Could you please clarify - which particular date for "Shipment date" you'd like to use for assigning to invoice date:

    1) one in "Date" field in "Shipping details" section for new order


    2) date when shipment is authorized for the order on its "Ship" tab?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Seva Voronin,

    DEAR Systems Product Owner

  • Hi Seva,

    I believe the first option is the better choice. Find attached image below of what i would like to happen. This will ensure that the Gross Profit figure is correct on a day by day basis. As the COGS and the sale will occur on the same day.



  • yes, or better for us, when the invoice is authorised the 'invoice date' is the date it is authorised. 

  • Any update on this? It is causing a lot of issues with complaints from customers where we are miss invoicing them by date of SO raised, not when shipped/ invoice authorised. 

  • Hi, Flo!

    The specification on requested update is in work now, so you can expect new features available in 2-4 weeks ...

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4 people like this idea
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