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Please - do you plan to make the Shopify integration fully Shopify Markets compatible?  IE correct handling of prepaid customer taxes and duty.  Thanks.  

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  • Please let me know ASAP if this is on your roadmap as this functionaility is very important to us and we need to know if we need to carry out custom dev work.  Thank you.  

  • We are having this same issue, we ship from the UK to Ireland and have just started using Shopify Markets to collect the Taxes to then use to pay our courier to cover the DDP shipping. As far as I am aware this is not actual irish VAT but a notional amount to cover the DDP cost that our courier will charge us. Issue is Shopify is presenting these line items to our accounting system as "tax" whereas we really need it to be coded as a freight cost as our courier is handling all their VAT filings.

  • Michael, what was your solution to this?

  • We are using a temporray manual workaround ie we edit the orders in Dear once they have synced from Shopify.  The issue is, so far as I understand it, that the Shopify api does not distinguish between regular domestic vat and overseas vat as calculated via Shopify Markets.  The guys at Shopify told me that they were working on fixing this so that the two fields would present separately in the api and that this would be implemented this month.  But they then told me a couple of weeks ago that they had hit some snags and it would now be November (so probably after Xmas...).  

  • thanks, keep me updated if you see any progress. "Pretend VAT" is causing all sorts of chaos

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