Closing Sales Orders

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There are times I want to close off a Sales Order for whatever reason but I still want all it's detail to be fully viewable. Voiding does not allow for such transparency. Marking it as fulfilled and closed is closer to what I am after but I would like to see a full row of green icons (so I don't need to keep looking into sales orders that are not nicely/fully completed to see what is 'wrong'). By selecting the option to mark the sales order as fulfilled and closed, two more icons turn green (even if it has not been fulfilled) but there IS NOT a similar option to mark the sales order as paid (even if it has not been paid) thus turning the whole row of icons green. 

Can we have a feature that visually squares away the closure process without marking the sales order as fulfilled, invoiced nor paid that does not require a sales order to be voided?

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3 people like this idea
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