B2B Portal - Quick View for Product Families

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Quick view currently only exists for single product items. When a B2B customer is browsing in a certain category or link, the customer can click on quick view, this opens a pop up, they can order easily, close the pop up window and check out the next product. 

However, when its a product family, the process is not that simple;

Customer clicks on product, a new page open with product details. Customer orders through the matrix view or list view. Then clicks 'Continue Shopping" to go to the next product in the same category. However, the 'Continue Shopping" button takes them back to the home page where the customer has to navigate their way to the same category. Imagine there being 20 products in that category and the customer has to repeat this process 20 times. 

I am aware there is a bulk order feature but not everyone uses that feature. 

My suggestion would be is to enable "Quick View" on products families. This way a pop up can appear with the matrix or list. Customer can order, continue shopping button can just close the pop up window and they remain in the same category page.


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