Changes to Stocktake filters.

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It would be helpful for us and others who use dynamic slotting to be able to run a stocktake for sku's from only the selected bins. In the current process if you have the same sku in different locations, when running a stocktake of a particular bin it will also pull up inventory in other bin locations. Not just the bins you originally selected. I included some screen shots for clarification. I want to be able to run a stocktake from just the bin locations I choose and not have it pull up all instances of that sku. A toggle or additional filter would be great.  

Thank you. 

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  • This is exactly what we need as well. Please tell me this is going to be fixed!

  • I wish they would, I still have not received a response from DEAR on this request from 6 months ago! 

  • My hack is having to mark all the products that are not in the bin I'm auditing to the quantity on hand. 

  • Is there any update on this? I'd like to be able to do a stocktake per bin location. The filters already exists, just having the ability to run a stocktake per product per bin would be great.

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4 people like this idea
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