Auto Date in Sales Order Header when authorising Sales Order from Quote

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Currently, when entering a quote via the simple or advanced sale function, the date in the header is automatically set to the current date (OK). Upon authorising the quote into an order on a latter date, the date is not automatic, and remains as the date of when the quote was entered (not the order). 

This causes problems with reporting (and clarity around when the order was entered), if the date is not updated, the sales order is recorded against the quote date, not order date. The sale for the month is easily missed by the report, it could be in a prior month(s). 

Can we get an option for auto date in the header when the quote is authorised to an order?

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  • This is critical and currently there is no workaround. In our business there can be a lag of weeks or months between the quote date and the order authorisation date. Suggested fixes:

    1. backend settings

     currently in General Settings we have the options to set "Invoice Date" = Current Date; and "Shipment Date" = Current Date

    please add a setting to enable us the select "Order Date" = Current Date

    2. Workflow

    one of the available actions in Sales Workflows is to Set Sale Property > Order Date. However the available options all relate to the quote date (eg quote date + 2 days, etc). 

    Please add function here to Set Sale Property > Order Date = "today" or "SO Authorised Date"

  • This is important for us also. Quote date and order date are usually very different and not reflected correctly.

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3 people like this idea
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