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Hi Rodney

Below is the link to the Recent Webinar - Products updates & Enhancements

During Andrew's webinar presentation, at the time points below, Andrew confirms that dear WILL be implmenting the ability for, in B2B Portal, to have the ability to embed Hubspot Tracking Code into B2B.

1) - Andrew (at 34.02 minutes) - Andrew says there are numerous requests from subscribers to have the Hubspot HTML Tracking Code embed into B2B Portal, Hubspot . Ändrew says verbatim "this is a requests that has come-up on a few times and it is on the board to be reviewed"... Going forward we will DEFINATELY be considering it..... hold tight and we will work on it as it has been noted previously..

2) - Andrew (at 33.33 minutes) - Andrew says "I see that the HubSpot embed question has come-up a few times, so DEFINATELY what i will do is check-in within on our da, AND SEE IF THERE IS ANYTHING WE CAN DO TO MOVE THIS FORWARD, I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A PRETTY BIG REQUIREMENT". 

Andrew on the Webinar, at the times above, confirms the multiple requests and that HubSpot Tracking Embed will be implemented

Regardless of what Andrew said on the webinar, it is a complete non-sensical (and in fact is factually inaccurate, to say that Dear has an Integration with HubSpot... when it is not possible to Use HubSpot Tracking HTML Code,, cannot have forms pop-up, Live chat. ...

.... "Claimed Hubspot Integration" WITHOUT having the Hubspot Tracking & Embed Code (for tracking visitors, pop-up forms, live chat".... then this is not an integration whatsoever

Without Having the Hubspot embed code, then the supposed Integration with HubSpot, is ABSOLUTELY NOT an Integration, ALL that HubSpot integration does with Dear, is that Dear Customers , are "Synced with Hubspot, and created as "contact records" in Hubspot

This is simply taking a list of customers from Dear, and creating them as Contacts in HubSpot.... this is ABSOLUTELY NOT AN Integration.... we could just as easy, export an excel file from dear with customers, and import them into Hubspot. 

Based on Dear's "purported/claimed" integration with HubSpot, we have invested a very significant amount of money in Subscribing to HubSpot Professional plans, HOWEVER, HUBSPOT IS 100% Totally useless, if we cannot have, in B2B Portal, the HubSpot HTML Tracking Code (to track visitors, have pop-up forms, live chat etc. 

Frankly, with respect, it is totally ridiculous that dear will not allow for embed of Hubspot.

Every-single B2B and B2C platform in the entire word (Shopify, Wordpress, Amazon, Wix.... Woo commerce, Magento.... every platform enables HTML snippet code from Hubspot

It is NOT an excuse to say that HTML Tracking goes against the user policy guidelines, AS DEAR B2B is ALREADY TRACKING VISITORS with GOOGLE ANALLYTICS FEAUTURE ENABLED in B2B, so it is not an argument, to say that HubSpot tracking goes against Dear's policy on tracking.... if Dear B2B allows google analytics tracking, --> 

--> THEN HOW IS HUBSPOT any different whatsoever?.... the answer is: there is no difference... it is a non-argument to say otherwise. 

There is absolutely no reason to not enable, in B2B Portal, the HubSpot HTML Tracking Code Embed..

If you Dear refuses to enable HubSpot HTML embed code (meaning HubSpot cannot Track visitors, we have all wasted our money on Hubspot...

Without B2B Portal having, (i.e. enabled), the HubSpot Tracking HTML Code, then the HubSpot "non-integration" is 100% totally useless 

Further, per above, on the recent webinar released, Andrew presenting, confirms that Hubspot will be implemented, however Rodney has advised this is not the case:


- you Cannot have Andrew (Patner manager), confirming publicly on the webinar, that Hubspot WILL be implemented

- see attached webinar link

- 1) see timestamp  - Andrew (at 34.02 minutes) - confirming HubSpot implementation

- 2 see timestamp -  2) - Andrew (at 33.33 minutes) - confirming HubSpot implementation 


Andrew Partner manager confirms this HubSpot embedding will be implemented, then, what can only be attributed, to sheer "stubbornness", Dear refuses to implement the very item, that Andrew confirmed WILL be implemented (HubSpot Embed HTML) DURING THE WEBINAR.

How can Dear possibly "CLAIM"  to have an "integration with hubspot" WITHOUT the HubSpot Tracking HTML

I am not sure if other feel as strongly as we Do, though we have multiple companies using Dear & HubSpot

We subscribed to Dear on the expectation, that logically a "claimed integration"with HubSpot would have HubSpot tracking Code HTML embed, as a function of Dear B2B. 

IF DEAR B2B does not have this Hubspot HTML Embed enabled. 

- then, we will be moving our companies, NOT ONLY away from dear B2B, but we will be leaving Dear entirely

Please advise if Dear will be implementation, IN B2B Portal, HubSpot Embed Tracking Code


Matthew Morris

- Andrew (

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