Editable Warranty Table

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 Once a warranty record is created there is no functionality that allows information to be edited or added.   Even adding a simple, editable notes field to each record would be a huge difference.

However, we have a use case where customers can apply to extend the warranty.   This means an item that is sold under a 36 month warranty gets updated to a 60 month warranty.    The ability to amend the the warranty record to apply this extension would be huge.

I'm being restrained here and asking for the most basic functionality.   

  • 1 extra editable notes field in the table
  • Editable access to the existing fields. 
  • Abiltiy to add a new warranty record via the warranty table.  

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  • Request from customer:

    With reference to ticket [#265228] RMA Query : DEAR Systems scenario 2: User can see if a clients warranty has expired using the warranty page and wants to know if it is possible to sell an extended warranty for original sale. 

    Currently it is not possible. Posting here for future feature requests.

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