Show SKU for Service Items on Screen and PDF

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ISSUE:  SKU for Service Items on Purchases is not shown, or shown incorrectly.

  1. SKU doesn't show up on the screen.  
  2. SKU shows up on the PDF version, but not in Alphabetical Order (as selected in General Settings).


Allow SKU to be viewed on the screen, perhaps through a column header that can be toggled on/off similar to other columns.  Show SKU on PDFs in the same desired fashion as under the Product section.

Why is this important?

For Co-Manufacturing Production Orders, a Purchase Order is automatically generated with a Finished Product in the Product section, and an Output in the Additional Costs section.  A lot of our CoMFG Production Orders are in large batches with many individual parts being done (i.e. 50).  As a result, our Purchase Orders can be very large and are unorganized both on the screen and on the printed PDF (see below).







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  • Up-vote from us.  We need all SKU's to show everywhere (and in alpha/numeric order).  Our entire industry is SKU based.  (I'm pretty sure the majority inventory based businesses work with SKU's and would find this useful.)

    Side Note: Our biggest issue is not highlighting SKU's on the B2B Portal - especially in the "Shopping Cart".

  • I've discovered another issue with not having the SKU on the screen ...

    DEAR is driven by SKU codes as they are unique identifiers.  However, DEAR pulls Additional Charges / Service Items based on Description since there is no SKU column.  This creates an issue if SKU codes have the same Description.  For example, "SHIP-FDX" is pulled up instead of "SHIP-UPS" because they both have the same Description as "Shipping Charges".  The easy workaround is to make a small change to the Description (i.e. one becomes "Shipping Charge"), but it's counter to a system that is SKU driven. 

  • I don't understand how this isn't already a feature

  • I agree with all of the above. This issue needs to be addressed. 

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