Merge Purchase Order + Keep Production Order Link

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PROBLEM:  When merging Purchase Orders that are automatically generated from Production Orders, the Purchase Order is "de-linked" and removed from Related Orders under the Production Order.  The Production Order cannot be completed.

EXAMPLE:  We require Co-Manufacturers to complete 'finishing' on our products.  We will send 30-50 parts at a time to get painted.  A Production Order needs to be created for each part, which in turn produces an individual Purchase Order.  Rather than send our Paint Service provider 30-50 Purchase Orders, we merge them into one.  However, once they're merged, they lose the link to the Production Order and it cannot be completed.

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  • The Solution would be pretty straight-forward.  Retain the link to the Production Orders for all Products/Services after Purchase Orders are merged.

  • We're having the same problem

  • Up-vote!

  • Any update on this one DEAR?

    Right now we're still performing manual stock adjustments to account for co-manufactured items.

  •  Up-vote! Without this change a large portions of our production orders are useless because they cannot be completed. The co-manufacturing costs are not tied to the product cost.

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6 people like this idea
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