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Hello it would be great if the COGS could be added to the sale invoice & credit note report. This report shows one singular document number for each invoice & credit note, which makes it easier to compare to xero as you can use a lookup formula in excel. If you run the customer order by product or sales by product details report, the document number is the invoice number combined with any credit references, therefore making it near impossible to reconcile.

Also if you run the sale invoice & credit notes, customer order by product & sales by product details all three reports give you a different sales value for the same period. Having the individual document number would make it easy to pick up on any discrepancies.

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  • My 2 cents - DEAR would have to make some substantial changes to the system to make this happen. One of those being a mandatory relationship between an Invoice and a Fulfilment in Advanced Sale, not only to link the two, but to ensure that the lines and quantities on the invoice are matched by the fulfilment, seeing as the Fulfilment is where the COGS comes from.

    Without making this relationship (and the data being exact) mandatory, there is no way DEAR can report exact COGS against exact Invoice Revenue for every single DEAR customer and do it correctly. They can do it on an Order basis, but not on an Invoice basis, purely because I could raise a Sale Order for 100 of Item A, and 100 of Item B, I could then invoice the full sale up front, and have three different separate fulfilments that occur on varied dates. If I do not link the invoice to any of the fulfilments, or I only link it to one or two of the fulfilments, the COGS will be incorrect.

    Notwithstanding that it could be done, DEAR don't actually have the report to do it yet either. The Sale by Product Details is closest, but it relies on the COGS filter of All COGS vs Only COGS in Date Range, assuming that if the Fulfilment dated in the same month as the Invoice is, then it would be related.

    Happy for anyone to correct me if I am wide of the mark on this.

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4 people like this idea
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