Non-Inventory Items - Can't Receive

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Currently, Non-inventory items cannot be received.  This presents an issue for backordered items, particularly in Advance Purchase Orders with multiple receipts.

An example:

We order fasteners (Stock) and safety glasses (Non-inventory) from the same supplier.  It is very common that our Purchase Orders are received in multiple shipments.  Our shipping manager can receive the fasteners in DEAR, but can't do so with the safety glasses.  Because of this, there is no way of Payables knowing through DEAR whether or not billing is accurate.  Of course, shipping can manually inform payables of backordered Non-inventory items, but then what's the point of having DEAR?

My Request:

Allow Non-inventory items to be received in DEAR to ensure completeness of Purchase Orders.  Non-inventory items can be immediately expensed since they are not tracked. 

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  • Yes this would be most useful. There is currently no real way to see if a non-stock item has arrived or not. 

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2 people like this idea
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