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I have seen the odd comment on this however an arbitrary limit of 1,000 rows is absolutely ridiculous. Assuming there is an SQL database behind the DEAR system the row limit should be entirely irrelevant. I am in the process of testing the system and in the process doing a conversion from our existing system. My customers and active items easily exceed 5,000 records and the conversion process of 20 years of data requires a great deal of tweaking before I can get it loaded into DEAR. I now have a sore right hand from the constant manipulating of csv data, not to mention the risk of accidentally omitting records while splitting them up. Yes I have seen you can get a utility to split the files, but that is not the point is it? Putting a limit of 1,000 rows leads me to think the system is really not ready for companies with large numbers of records. Before I start actually paying for this, what do you say DEAR?

As an aside, it would be far easier to have a search bar on the forum rather than having to enter a new topic in order to search!

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  • Totally agree with this! Big vote from me!
  • we also need this. 

  • Big vote , I had to split my sheet into 4 uploads 

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11 people like this idea
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