Production Paperwork improvement

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I would like to see the production paperwork improved so it is allows for a complete reconciliation and time booking for the work order. 

A production order worksheet should include the below

  • details of the production order number, Item being produced, Qty to be produced, Date to be produced.
  • Details of all the components in the bill of materials with the planned qty, batch numbers and expiry dates
  • A column next to each component for the actual quantity used in the production process. Most of the time, the person who enters the data is not the same as the person making the product. This helps with accurate data transparency. 
  • A time booking area that allows for actual start and finish times to be entered. A more detailed production order would break this down into setup, production run, clean times
  • A comments section for any unforeseen downtime to be explained. 
  • An area for the new batch and expiry information for the finished product

Also, when entering the production data, we are unable to enter the actual time spent until the order is completed. We then have to go back into the order, enter it, save it and then back into output to book the stock and complete the order. It would make sense that we can enter this time in when we are entering the actual components used. 

The Pick List should also include the Expiry dates. This is very important in the food industry. Knowing the batch is sometimes not enough. Its also a double check for the picker to make sure they have the correct stock. 

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3 people like this idea
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