Separate Products Availability and Auto Assemblies on Orders

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Assemblies issue and product Availability

Please try to make the team understand that there is a separate need for Stock availability and Auto assemblies of BOMs at the order stage. These 2 feature are very different features. 

There are 2 very different features we would love that they were independent. 

AVAILABILITY FEATURE: We need product availability feature for only store and Amazon etc. Also we can see what is possible from available stock. 

CREATION OF ASSEMBLIES ON ORDER AUTHORISATION: This causes massive issues to our work processes. We prefer to manually create the assemblies as needed. 


A simple solution:  There must be a way they can create a simple toggle in setting to allow the user to turn of or change when Auto-Assembles of BOMs are created. 

I have posted several feature request, made many phone calls and created several support tickets regarding this critical issue. 

We have been using dear for about 10 month. the past 4 with a good understand of how it works. We are loving it in most respects. 85% is awesome. 10% can be better, but 5% is critical issues. 

A. Auto assemblies being active is critical as we need Availability for our website, Amazon and others. Availability is very important. 

B. Auto-Assemblies generate at order approval is a nightmare!!! I can see several reasons and solutions. There are different but all seem viable options. 

1. Allow auto-assemblies on Order approval to be toggled off in settings. So they are not generated at all. 

We would be ok if auto-assemblies were not generated at all. We can create them as we need. 

2. If they are generated allow so they are not set to complete!!! Maybe to Work In Progress??

When they are set to complete my staff have no idea which are physically  complete by them. This means that there are many auto-assemblies that were never physically created and causes stock to be out. 

We are constantly doing stock adjustment to weed-out assemblies that were ever actually made in the real world. This means stock is always out on our website and amazon. It is a mess. 

I have run through this with many of  your great support staff hoping we can find work arounds but there is not any that can be found. 

3. Knock on Issue - Undoing invoice voids Auto-assemblies that my a staff have actually physically created.

Fix idea, only undo Auto-assemblies that  have not been actually created in the real world. (using the idea above, If the are still at the Work-In-Progress stage then void them, if they have been physically assembled my staff and changed to completed do not void them as they are now real physically products)

Here is a very common situation: 

An an order is placed and auto assemblies are created by dear. My staff physically assemble the food products and generate a label with the batch details  of the assembly. The orders is being completed but there is some issue where we need to substitute a product (such as the customer calls and asks to change one of the products)We undo the entire order and make the change as there is no way to add a product or change a size without undoing the entire order (Note: there is a way to make changes purchasing). We re-approve the order. All the assemblies are voided!!!!! Disaster !!!!! New assemblies are created for all the products my staff have already physically made and added batch labels to. The products no longer have the same batches as is now in Dear. We can not pick the items as they do not exist. 

This is a very common situation and it is destroying my staff moral!! We need some solution as we can not continue like this. 

In hope of a solution


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