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There is no fool proof way for Dear to notify me when something has been received into stock, to trigger the action that we can now fulfil a customer order that was on backorder.


The current limitations of Dear’s notification of Backordered stock being received in is forcing me to maintain spread sheets and physical printed orders that I need to manually cross reference every time an order is received as I can’t rely on Dear to tell me to now fulfil a customer order based on stock being available.


The only process that Dear can (narrowly) accommodate this is if a PO has been created via Backorder Reorder. But that fails if you then merge POs – as we do all the time as we run the Backorders for multiple Branch’s and then merge the 2 – so we lose this link to the notification.


Similarly, if I have a pending PO for shelf stock, then I receive a customer order for some stock coming on that PO – again my Inventory Management System does not advise me when the stock arrives that I have a backorder to fulfil.


The Backorder Notification works fine – but as explained above it needs a strict set of actions to function – and does not cater for real word inventory activities.


This feels like it should be a fundamental feature of any inventory management system, as with out it, I’m forced to manage a manual process outside of Dear.



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  • absolutely agree! a major pain point for our business too, especially given all unpredictable the delays at the moment.

  • Thank you Maddy - yes this issue is magnified at present with global components shortage. We (our customers) are waiting months for orders to be filled, and my memory's not that good! Need Dear to tell me when somethings come in that needs to go out!

  • Agreed, the time wasted on checking individual orders regularly takes a lot away from the value of Dear.

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13 people like this idea
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