Allow data conditions (such as filters) to be set in DEAR Notification module

started a topic about 2 years ago

Discovered that there is no ability to set conditions, mainly filters, in the DEAR Notification module.

Almost a "must have" feature for the module especially when selling through multiple sales channels or using multiple warehouse teams (especially 3PL) to pick, pack and shipping your goods.

Some typical use cases would be;

  1. "Only send invoice notification if Sales Representative equals 'B2B'.  I don't want to send this email to my 'Shopify' or 'POS' customers."
  2. "Only send invoice notification if my Sales Order has a Location that equals '3PL Warehouse' (and not anywhere else) so they can print it and put in the Box."

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  • Totally agree with this! We definitely need it

  • Absolutely agree with this! Was about to write a similar ticket but glad I found this.

    We are using the stock endpoint but we have 8 sales locations and I only need data from one of them. It means we are getting so much data we don't need (and each request is costing us and DEAR money).

    Also, for endpoints such as Sales this would be useful to ensure that if data is going to 3rd parties, only the necessary data rather than all data is sent. This would help to address data privacy issues.

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5 people like this idea
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