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The DEAR to DEAR network functionality works well. However, it assumes a one directional flow of products between a supplier and customer ie. once the network has been setup. You can only purchase from the supplying DEAR to DEAR networked entity and cannot sell to them. 

Furthermore, the configuration prohibits adding duplicate D2D networking keys, so you cannot set up a bi-directional relationship (ie. sell and buy from the same entity).

Whilst this caters for a large number of use cases that are looking to leverage the D2D network for traditional purchasing arrangements, it limits the D2D network's capability to be used for inter entity 'transfers' within a group of companies.

Given DEAR's 1:1 mapping to financial integrations, groups made up of multiple legal entities (typically a unique trading entity for each physical location - be it multiple retail stores, separate entity for production facilities, multi-national organisations) in turn have multiple DEAR accounts. Transactions between these accounts ('transfers' within the group but recorded as purchases/sales at relevant interco terms) will often be bi-directional as stock moves between locations. In turn, the D2D network can only cater for approx. 50% of transactions that flow in a certain direction (eg. Account A to Account B). However, it cannot assist for transactions flowing in the opposite direction (eg. Account B to Account A).

It would be great if the D2D functionality could be improved to allow bi-directional mapping between 2 DEAR accounts to facilitate such scenarios. This could still be added as 2 entries to the D2D configuration, so that a unique customer and a unique supplier can be chosen for each scenario. However, currently duplicate entry of D2D keys (once for supplier record and once for customer record) is prohibited.


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