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The Shopify Integration settings currently have a toggle setting "Allow DEAR to create Shopify products when DEAR product names are not unique" with an explanation that "When checked, DEAR will create a new Shopify product for every non-listed combination of Product Name + SKU which couldn't be found in Shopify"

For businesses who manage their product catalog in Dear, this setting need to be expanded to offer another option a third option to "Update SKUs in Shopify" so that we can edit a SKU in Dear and have it pushed through to Shopify. At the moment we have to either remove the product from Shopify and re-list it (which creates a new Shopify URL, damaging SEO in the process) or else edit in Dear and Shopify which allows for human error.

Please consider allowing Dear to update Shopify SKUs.

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  •  Please, this is a critical part of the the Shopify integration. Dear needs to be able to update SKUs in Shopify for listed products.

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2 people like this idea
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