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Currently Dear POS does not support any coupon codes or discount codes that was set up in Product Deals… I honestly think the discount codes are most useful in POS settings instead of having it to be used only on Dear backend. Covering Dear POS is much appreciated.

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  • Hi Travis,

    Product DEALs can be used in POS. Could you please clarify as how you were not able to use coupon on POS?

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  • sorry i figured it out in the POS now... for whatever reason at the time I posed it this attached option didn't exist in Dear POS. Now it's fine.

    (14 KB)
  • I can't figure this out either, may need to update this article showing how to redeem in POS? It only shows how to do on Sales Order screen

  • Finally got it... please include that you need to refresh POS to see Deal option :)

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