Product Label printing limited to 100

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Hi is there any way of allowing more than 100 labels to be printed from within Dear. One of the reasons I purchased Dear was the stated ability to print barcodes from within Dear. But having a limit of 100 is not good enough - the reason why business often decides to get an inventory system is that they are dealing with quantities in the hundreds and often thousands. I think it is a big deficiency having product labels limited to 100. Can the limit be increased to say 2500? In fact why is there a limit? This wasnt mentioned in any of the advertising of Dear!

And why do we have to do it through a dummy purchase order thats created then voided after the product printing is done? Again this is not good enough especially for a product that cost so much and sells itself as having high functionality. Very dissatisfied with this. 


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2 people like this idea
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