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We use product families extensively and have some suggestions for the navigation:

1) There is no need for the menu item Inventory > Product Families. Using the Combined View on the normal products list is much more intuitive where you simply change tabs between All Products or Combined View when you wish to see the families. This is clearly the idea behind the Combined View in any case, because if you open a family from there and then click the "Back to List" button, you are not returned to the Products screen but the Product Families screen (which isn't where you were when you started.)

2) Secondly, when you have a product family open, there does not appear to be an easy way to navigate to an individual product of that family. They are listed in the Variations table at the bottom of the screen but there is no link to open an individual product to work on its pricing or images, etc. Each time you want to open variation product, have to start from scratch searching the products list. (and because of point (1), you cannot even use the Back to List button.


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  • 3) When you have an individual product open, there is no indication (that I can see) that the product belongs to a family nor navigation to the family.

  • I agree with this suggestion, however there does seem to be a nuanced difference between Combined View and Family navigation. I had inadvertently created duplicate families of products when I changed the SKU of a product family. The redundant family was not appearing in Combined View, but when I navigated to Family I was able to find it and then delete it. 

  • Yes, Patrick - the Product Families view shows even families with no product in them (which can only be achieved by deprecating all of the dependent products) whereas the Combined view of the Products list only shows active products.

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2 people like this idea
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