Shopify Integration - Line item comments for orders

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When an order is transferred from Shopify to DEAR, the line item notes are not being included in the data set that is transferred. In our operation, this information is important to have included on the sale order.

For example, we have an app that tags the line item as a sample of that product. The note is recorded in Shopify as a "property" of the item in the cart. See attached screenshot of the cart and the relevant code.

Now in DEAR, there is a comment field per line item on a sale, but this additional comment data is not being transferred from Shopify. See the attached screenshot of the sale in DEAR.

Please add this to the roadmap for the Shopify integration, to at least transfer the first property for each cart item across to the comment field in Dear. Do consider concatenating the Shopify cart item properties if there is more than one.

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  • This would be extremely useful for us too.

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4 people like this idea
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