Receiving more than on PO

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I had a delivery of goods against a PO yesterday.  The PO was for 573 pieces, but we actually received 624 pieces. I was able to receive all 624 pieces, without any warning from DEAR.

When I run a Pending Order report, now it shows that the PO is still open, but with a -51 due.  

I shouldnt be able to receive more than what is on the PO.  Even if I have to go back and change the PO.  But at this point, I cannot do a 3-way match to PO-Receipt-Invoice.  There has to be some sort of notice by DEAR that something isnt right...

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  • We actually have requested to be able to receive more than the PO reflects, however, I agree with you the user should see a notice and then be given the option whether to continue with receiving or not.

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3 people like this idea
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