Issues with Product Availability Table (API)

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This request relates to some challenges we're facing with product availability records on the DEAR API -

1. Is it possible to include a unique ID for each product availability (ref/productavailability) record? The records expose the associated Product ID, but no unique identifier for the record itself.  Since Products can relate to many Product Availabilities, Product ID really isn't sufficient in our use case insofar as data integrity is concerned, and made worse by the fact that only the locations and bin names are exposed on the product availability record (i.e. no ID's).

2. The Product Availability table does not provide a "last modified on" field. Is it possible to include this (and importantly a "modified since" URI parameter) similar to the Product table? For our use case, Product Availability records across Location/Bin combinations will reach large multiples to be syncing en masse each time, it would be really useful to filter the requests by a modified date to drastically reduce the number of records needlessly processed each sync. 


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  • Apologies, hit submit a little too soon, had meant to include a third point regarding this table - 

    3. A Product Availability record provides product availability for a location, or for a location bin. Currently, the ref/productavailability results only provide the location and bin names. Is it possible that the location id and bin id for these could be included also? We're hoping to relate product availabilities to the appropriate location records via the id, and currently can only match on 'name' - not great for data integrity across syncs. 

    Thanks again!

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