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A long running process such as pipe extrusion has an expensive setup phase (e.g. many hours for a machine to reach operating conditions) and then a production "run" which can last days. For the amortisation of the expensive setup step into the production, this means one setup and one production run. Dear does not handle this production process. This is a problem shared by many long running, repetitive manufacturing steps, such as glass furnaces, but in my specific case, it is manufacturing of PVC pipes.

However, a business like this may not have all components on hand for a 7 days production run when the production process is started: they may be using JIT component receipt. Therefore, it would be good to progressively allocation components. 

More importantly: products are produced and ready to be sold before the 7 days is expired. But there is no way in Dear to deal with this. We can't receive output until a production run is complete.
The obvious idea is to split production into multiple runs, say one per shift. Over 7 days, this is 20 full shifts and one short shift at the beginning, where the setup happens. 

However, this idea is no good. The cost of the setup should be amortised into the entire production run, not just the first shift.

The solution is somehow to allow receipt of output prior to production being finished. The cost won't be known at this point, but we can receive POs before the invoice is booked, so it's the same problem.
It would also be nice if component stock could at least be allocated if not consumed during production, but this is less urgent. 

Currently, I have a client making PVC pipes who will skip the setup and basically manually cost their pipes. This is a shame.

To be clear, breaking the production process into multiple production runs means the costing of the setup step will not be handled correctly.

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