Packing Slip Template needs to have the "Ship From" address listed

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On the current Packing Slip template the "Ship From" address pulls from the company's address which is not always where the product is shipping from.  We need to be able to select the correct "Ship From" location so our carriers can have all of the necessary information on the packing slip from the beginning.  As a work around I was told to include the address in the 'Name' field within the location's settings - this solves the issue for the time being but is not a sustainable solution.  Can this packing slip be updated please?  Thanks!

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  • To expand on this feature request, this could potentially be implemented in one of two ways:

    • Add a merge field to allow the Location address data to be pulled into the Sales document templates.
    • Add a new type of Company Address: Ship From Type. Add a field in the Sales Order header where a Ship From address can be selected. Add a merge field in Sales document templates to pull this data into the document. 
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3 people like this idea
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