Product Bulk Upload - Ability to import more than 1000 line items

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Please can we have the ability to import more than 1000 line items per product import.

I have clients with thousands and thousands of products and we have to break the csv files into smaller 1000 line import files. 

It's just time consuming and makes room for mistakes.

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  • yes, it is better to move out the limitation of 1000 lines. 

  • Good idea, importing excel files sometimes gets tedious when you have more than 1000 stock items to input 

  • What on earth is the reasoning behind this limit? It's a massive pain in the backside.  Is there a technical reason behind it or is it another "by design" feature?

    We have more than 1,000 SKUs so everything we do is affected by this limitation.

  • I totally agree. We have a few clients with thousands of products, and it very time consuming, and, as mentioned, leaves room for errors. 

  • Second this, very time consuming importing lots of csv files, would also be good to move to xls documents too, so that SKU's and barcodes that begin with'0' are saved correctly and imported everytime without having to manipulate every single csv file prior to import to correct its changes to these numbers.

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14 people like this idea
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