Crucial Information is Lost by integrating

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These were issues that we experienced with our specific platforms, but it sounds after chatting with DEAR that these effect most E-commerce platform integrations. These issues that I've found are things that these two platforms performed flawlessly, and can no longer do so after DEAR is integrated as the middle-man. In general I'd hope that there are far more customizable integrations in the future (what data is captured, where it is sent, etc.) I found that certain types of integrations that we couldn't use between our platforms actually had the functionality that we needed, so it seems the development is there.

While integrated with Magento/Zoey, DEAR, and Shipstation, DEAR doesn't transfer some crucial data through, or capture it at all. 

Payment information such as how payment was sent (Zelle, Cash, Credit, Paypal) are the most important things to have in DEAR (as well as the ability to sort by them, for the sake of totaling and checking at the end of a month), and other information Magento has the ability to send (anti-fraud clearance, misc. translation details, etc) should at least be optional to push through all the way into Shipstation.

Accurate order times would also be very nice - it seems that that DEAR only currently captures order date from Zoey/Magento, capturing the specific time is very helpful for shipping, and crucial for a lot of the work we do on the backend. 

A grey area was "Order notes." These are notes that are added onto the order on the front-end by a customer, and are a critical part of keeping our workflow redundant and quick. DEAR doesn't seem to capture these, but after chatting, it should. Either way, nothing makes it into DEAR and thus ShipStation, meaning they are effectively archived/hidden and never seen sitting in Zoey.

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