Dear should use Correct Tax Rule for Square Discounts

started a topic about 2 years ago

The Square integration used to apply discounts to the line item price. This means the correct tax was calculated for the sales invoice.

This has now been changed so that the discounts are created as line items in the additional charges. However, one tax rule has to be chosen in the Square integration settings, meaning that any products where a discount has been applied that have a different tax rule will create an incorrect tax calculation for the invoice. Dear development has advised that this will have to be manually changed on each invoice Dear sync from Square. Obviously this is very time consuming and means looking up each discounted transaction in Square in order to check the correct tax. 

We would request that the previous funcionality be restored to the integration so that disscounts are applied to the product line when downloading Square transactions, or that the correct tax rule is applied to the discount if they are entered in additional charges. 

It is very disappointing that features that worked previously are broken in updates without consideration to the users who are impacted by these changes.

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1 person likes this idea
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