Activity Logs for Workflows

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Activity Logs for Workflows so that it is clear what is being sent when, to who!
We are having major issues with Workflows seemingly set up correctly (with conditions based on additional attributes) however clients with a completely contradictory set of an additional attributes are receiving the automated e-mails.

i.e. We have a workflow set up so that when a wholesale sales order shipment has been authorised they will receive a copy of their invoice via e-mail. However, the same type of workflow template is not following the additional attribute set and instead is being issued to clients with a completely opposing set of additional attributes.

Not having an Activity Log for this section is making it near impossible tor resolve the issue!

  • Hi Maddy!

    Hope you are well.

    DEAR does have workflow activities. Do you not see it in sale orders?

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  • Hi Yohan

    Thanks for your reply.

    As we have many different types of clients (set with additional attributes) and workflows, it would be great to be able to view the activity of a specific workflows in one area.
    I would request replicating the 'Notifications' Email Execution Log.
    Having an Execution Log for each respective workflow would be amazing but it would be ok to 1 log that shows all activity for all workflows - as long as it could be easily identified which clients are receiving which workflows.

    This has become important for us to audit as the Additional Attributes and Conditions being utilised within a workflow are not working as they should and we need to be able to audit the problem.

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